Our Impact

The New Israel Fund mobilises Israelis to make positive, progressive change by strengthening Israeli civil society and fighting the inequality, injustice, and extremism that diminish Israel. We invest in long-term change, nurturing progressive grassroots activism and civil society leadership whilst also acting as a vigilant and responsive defender of Israeli democracy.

From Israel’s first rape crisis centres, to the passage of the law banning torture in civilian interrogations, NIF- funded organisations have driven positive social change and furthered justice and equality for 40 years. As the founder and funder of most of Israel’s progressive civil society, we have provided over £225 million (incl £30 million from the UK) to more than 900 organisations since our inception.

In addition to our grantmaking, our operating arm Shatil exists to strengthen the forces building a just, democratic and shared society in Israel. It does this by building coalitions of dedicated change-makers and empowering a range of civil society groups who share our values.

NIF advocates for equality for all Israelis. That means we defend women’s rights, fight for the rights of non-Orthodox Jews, and fight for equality for LGBTQ Israelis. It means we empower Israelis working to uphold human rights in the occupied territories and oppose the settlement enterprise. It means we advance civil rights and access to housing and education for Palestinian citizens of Israel. It means we protect minority rights. It means that we stand for the values of democracy in Israel.

NIF prioritises a holistic approach to achieving the type of society that reflects the progressive values of Israel’s founders. Together with our partners and through Shatil, NIF is dedicated to supporting change in a number of key, interconnected areas that together, we believe, will help bring about a better and more equal Israel: