From Our Chief Executive: May, 2019


We are three weeks on from the Israeli elections and even without the next Israeli government yet being formed, we know that NIF’s work and mission remains crucial to ensuring the health of Israeli democracy and society.

Our immediate response to the elections, a campaign infected with racism and incitement, is to launch a new and exciting Shared Society Grassroots Fund. This fund will give small grants to local initiatives in Israel doing high impact work to help bolster critical partnerships and rebuild trust between Jewish and Arab citizens. You can support the fund here.

We know that over the longer-term building, developing and growing partnerships between Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel is crucial and NIF is proud of our role in funding and nurturing this critical area of work.

The other partnership that remains crucial is between us, as supporters of Israel and its founding values, and those leaders, activists and communities on the ground in Israel working for change. We will be publishing later this month our audited accounts for 2018. They will show a significant growth in support for our work – 39% increase from 2017, our previous record year. This is built on a growing supporter base; more donors and more people participating in our activities. This growing level of support is in turn allows us to increase the ways in which we can partner and invest in inspiring local changemakers in Israel.