From Our Chief Executive: March 2019

We should heed the words of Israel’s President Reuben Rivlin when he says: “There aren’t first class citizens, and there aren’t second class votes. At the ballot box we are all equal – Jews and Arabs”

President Rivlin felt compelled to remind Israelis of this following Prime Minister Netanyahu’s response to Israeli actress Rotem Sela’s call for equality. Netanyahu responded to Sela by saying that Israel “is the nation-state of the Jewish people and them alone.”

Israelis are speaking out against this blatant incitement and delegitimization of Arab citizens. It is not only President Rivlin doing so but a wide range of voices including ‘Wonder Woman’ actress Gal Gadot.

NIF is proud of our work creating a truly shared society in Israel inspired by the vision of Israel’s founders. It is why we fought against the Nation State Law, speak out against the return of Kahanists and why we continue to stand with Israelis against inequality and racism.

Israel is a country of nine million people. Some are Jewish. Some are Arab. All of them belong.


Rivlin for March

Reuven Rivlin